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For any successful implementation, five critical perspectives must be managed properly. We address with these perspectives in parallel to ensure that all aspects are dealt with and that the project is completed in time.

Understand the Business Questions
Key to the success of any Business Intelligence project is an in-depth understanding of how the business operates, what the processes are and what questions need to be answered to sustain and improve performance. At this stage, knowing what data is available and to what level of detail is largely irrelevant. The truth is that many business intelligence projects fail to deliver what the business users believe they specified, even though the project team believe they met the specification

 Enhance and Monitor the Quality of your Data
Organisations ignore data quality at their peril. It is an essential component in any Business Intelligence approach, with many projects failing to deliver the anticipated results due to incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate results. Step one is to recognise and accept the importance of data quality. According to Gartner organisations who address data quality early in a project cycle are likely to deliver the project 50% sooner while increasing the probability of positive user adoption of the solution. Steps can be taken to intelligently validate and correct records (e.g. cleansing technologies) and then ongoing monitoring of data quality improvements and changes (e.g. monitoring of process and control data). However, technology alone is not the answer and the involvement and support of process owners throughout the project life-cycle is vital.nsuring that the business system optimally supports the customer’s business processes.

 Simplify the Design
If business users are the ultimate beneficiaries, then their skills and competencies must be taken into account in the design stage. While business people are highly valued for their business acumen and specialist knowledge, their technical prowess cannot always be relied on. The best solution for the business is therefore the one that is simple to use and simple to administer. If a Business Intelligence solution has not been designed for ultimate simplicity then it will fail to gain momentum with the very people it's there to serve. DATAXMARTs benchmark for simplicity is to be able to answer a business question with a single question/query. This must be addressed at the database level by ensuring that the reporting database reflects the way the business users think about their business, while taking into account their choice of query and analysis tools.

Communicate Effectively

Whether you're looking to focus people's attention, instigate new behaviour or manage change, you won't be able to do this if the information is not relevant and of personal interest to them.
Everyone is confronted with so much information every day, so we 'forcibly' advocate using personalisation, subscription and database security techniques to ensure people only receive the information they want, need or are allowed. They also need to receive information in a way that helps them instantly recognise the inherent value. Information should conform to the preferred timing, presentation styles and standards; delivery methods need to be appropriate to the target audience and the output should result in instant comprehension and instinctive movement through the information.

Drive People to Action
The main objective of any Business Intetelligence solution and the most commonly overlooked.
The culmination of our methodology is to ensure that the information that the system eventually contains is presented to consumers in a way that will lead to instant decisions. If a system has been designed from the ground up to answer business questions, the final step is to ensure that the information and knowledge delivered is instantly understood and acted upon. The action might be making a business decision; contacting someone, resolving to do something specific or simply asking another deeper question.

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