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To deliver the most effective down to earth solutions on time and within budget that will meet our objectives, we encompass our production method into the following process:
1. Plan - Identify project goals and objectives
2. Define - Clearly understand clients' requirements
3. Design - Create a solution that meets the requirements
We match DATAXMART best-practice business processes with customer-critical business processes (see below Architecture principles).
4. Develop - Build the solution
During implementation, we develop, configure and adapt the system that was specified during the previous phases.
No two implementation are ever identical as your business needs vary, at DATAXMART we are confident that our wealth of experience will ensure we deliver what we promise.
5. Deploy - Install and test the solution
The entire customer solution is validated in an extensive test by end-users using full-scale production data in order to confirm that the system meets the targets that were set when the project started.
6. Delivery - Hand over to the client
Together with the customer, we confirm that customer expectations are fulfilled.
7. Optimize - Optimizing the delivered solution
Live Cycle Process
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