As one of the world's premiere banking institutions, UBS Switzerland has always been at the forefront of developing new financial systems and technologies.

The Needs:
UBS needed a state-of-the-art reporting system to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for its strategic and operational business management. These KPIs include monitoring of return on assets, total client assets, and net new money. UBS sought an advanced accounting and reporting system that could meet regulatory (IAS, US GAAP, SOX, and Basel II) and internal (on client, product, and profit center levels) reporting requirements.

Our Solution:
To answer the needs, together with their internal resources, UBS was pioneering a new business solution that combines financial and management accounting in a single system. The system is called as GEAR stands for Global Environment for Accounting and Reporting, the new system will address the growing array of business and statutory reporting requirements and at the same time boost the quality and efficiency of its accounting processes.
UBS's system breaks new ground in computing sophistication, adopting a multidimensional approach to accounting that enables the bank to process huge numbers of balance positions and millions of daily postings. The overall UBS accounting architecture includes a central accounting logic, ledger system, valuation processes, and reporting layer. For the ledger system, UBS selected Oracle General Ledger, a component of Oracle Financials.

GEAR is the first General Ledger DWH in the Bank Business Segment worldwide.
It's one of the biggest DWH-Implementation world-wide.

Services Provided:
- Requirement Gathering
- Physical Environment Setup
- Data Modeling
- Development Batch-Processing
- Development Middleware-Components
- Performance Tuning
- Quality Assurance
- Rolling out to Production (World-Wide)
- Production Maintenance
- Incremental Enhancements

Technology We use:
- Sun-Cluster
- Solaris
- Oracle RDBMS
- Oracle RAC-Option
- Oracle Financials
- IBM WebSphere
- Custom-developed ETL-Tools
- Business Objects

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