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Bidakara - PT. Mekar Prana Indah

PT Mekar Prana Indah the owner of Bidakara Complex,a building management company which provides office space leasing, training room and facilities, hotel and wedding room. Divided by three autonomy section, Pusdiklat Bina Sentra, Hotel Bumi Karsa, and Menara Bidakara.

The needs:
Bidakara Complex needs to represent the three unit as one unity to broaden the market. In order to do that Bidakara needs sophisticated marketing tools that can provide info about what's going on there, leasing rate, availability of space, etc. They stated that Bidakara have no human resource to be fully dedicated to be in charge for updating this website.

The Solution:
Data Xmart structured Bidakara website into four major section, which give information about Pusdiklat Bina Sentra, Hotel Bumi Karsa, and Menara Bidakara,and the management itself (PT MPI) we equipped this website with pre ordering online form, list of event, news, that can be updated as easy as using templates by using our updating module (they do not have to understand HTML etc).

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